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Proceedings of the
Eleventh International Conference on
Computational Structures Technology

Edited by
B.H.V. Topping

Including special sessions organised by
D. Camotim, C. Basaglia, C.M. Mota Soares, A.L. Araujo, F. Moleiro Duarte, J.F. Aguilar Madeira, H. Pina, J.V. Araujo dos Santos, H.M.R. Lopes, S. Ilanko, D. Kennedy, W. Salvatore, G. De Roeck, L. Pallares, F.J. Pallares, J. Pombo, V. Markine, S. Dumont, F. Lebon, J. Blachut, A. Limam, J. Bencat, K. Stypula, L. Godinho, D. Dias da Costa, L. Andersen, P.H. Kirkegaard, H. Friedl, K. Marti, G.I. Schuëller, H.A. Jensen, M. Matos Neves, A. El-Hami, J.R.F. Arruda, J.-M. Mencik, M. Cuomo, L. Greco, A. Reali and A.J.M. Ferreira


Welcome to the proceedings of The Eleventh International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, organised by Civil-Comp Press in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 4-7 September 2012.

These electronic proceedings contain the full-length papers in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). The summaries of the papers are also included.

A book of the full-print versions of the summaries is also available from Civil-Comp Press.

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